David writes music. Recently, long postminimalist pieces and multimedia storytelling.

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Music Teacher

I teach people about music and how to make it.

Flippin' Theory

Flippin' Theory

Visit my online music theory resource I designed to supplement by college teaching.

Lessons and Tutoring

I teach one-on-one music lessons and tutor people for academic music classes. Click here to learn how to study with me in person or online.



I maintain webpages for my college classes on this website. Click here if you are a current college student of mine.


David is one half of the surreal night-club act Trystero with Dorian Wallace. It's weird in all the wonderful ways.
David performs all of Perfect Lives from memory.

Trystero and John Sanborn are making a television opera!

It's called The Rest !s Sh!t: Stories from the Microchasm.

Click here to watch the pilot!