Oboe and Piano Repertoire

Oboe and Piano Repertoire
Since 1900

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Bold = EH [or other secondary inst.]

Abeliyovich, Lew Mayseyevich Sonata (1950)

Adams, Wilhelm Landliche Bilder [or EH]

Addison, John Inventions

Addison, John Prologue

Addison, John Rhapsody

Adkins, Greg Pastorale (1971) Publisher: Ludwig

Adler, Samuel (b. 1928) Sonata (1989) Publisher: Southern

Aho, Kalevi Seven Inventions and Postlude (1998)

Aho, Kalevi Sonata (1985)

Albrespic, Jacques Elegie

Alexander, Josef Movement

Alwyn, William Sonata (1936)

Amdahl, Magne Cantilene (1973)

Amdahl, Magne Tranquillo Dolce (1973)

Ameller, André Chicoutimi (Série Belle Province) (1971)

Amdahl, Magne Colombière (1976)

Amdahl, Magne L’anemone (1972)

Amdahl, Magne Sawo (1981)

Amdahl, Magne Sonatina (1980)

Anderson, Julian The Bearded Lady [or EH] (1994)

Andriessen, Hendrik Ballade (1952) Publisher: Donemus; Available from Presser

Archer, Violet (1913-2000) Sonata (1973) Publisher: Berandol

Archer, Violet (1913-2000) Sonatina (1977) Publisher: Dorn Neeham

Arnold, Malcolm Sonatina (1951) Publisher: Lengnick

Arrieu, Claude Impromptu II (1985)

Arrieu, Claude Pastorale

Aubain, Jean Deux Etudes

Auric, Georges Impromptu (1946) Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Babaian, Lotte Spielmusik

Bacewicz, Grazyna Sonata Publisher: PWM; Available from Presser

Bacewicz, Grazyna Sonatina Publisher: PWM; Available from Presser

Badings, Henk Cavatina [unspecified melody inst] (1952)

Baer, Walter Cahier Anatolien (1981)

Bainbridge, Simon Music for Mel and Nora (1979) Publisher: United Music Publishers; Available from Presser

Baird, Kenneth Shadow Dance and Lament<

Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir A Danse [1939]

Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir Elegy

Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir Pastorale

Baksa, Robert Sonata (1988) Publisher: Composers Library Editions; Available from Presser

Baksa, Robert Sonata (1988) Sonata (1992) Publisher: Composers Library Editions; Available from Presser

Ballard, Gregory Mercury

Barber, Clarence E. (b. 1951) A Romance Publisher: Great Works Publishing; Available from Ludwig Masters

Bariller, Robert Gerberoy [1996]

Bariller, Robert Miniatures [1961]

Bariller, Robert Paysages

Barratt, Carol Prelude & Jig

Barraud, Henry Romance

Bassett, Leslie Dialogues (1987)

Baur, Jürg Fantasie (1954)

Bavicchi, John Sonatina

Beck, Conrad Sonatina (1941/53)

Beckwith, John Arctic Dances (1984)

Belimov, Sergey Song of Morning Awakening (1990)

Benfall, Stephen Sonata (1987)

Ben-Haim, Paul Three Songs Without Words

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b. 1936) After Syrinx I (1982) Publisher: Novello

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b. 1936) Four Country Dances (2000) Publisher: Novello

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b. 1936) Sonata (1961) Publisher: Mills

Benson, Warren Evening Piece [or EH]

Bentzon, Niels Viggo Sonata (1951)

Bentzon, Niels Viggo Two Pieces (1946)

Berghmans, Jose Pavan

Berger, Jean Sonata da Camera Publisher: Broude Brothers (1957)

Berger, born in Germany, studied some in France, and lived in the US from the 1940s. Four movements long. Piano part is mostly planing. Interesting Style. Quite playable.

Berkeley, Lennox Sonatina (1962)

Berkeley, Michael (b. 1948) Fierce Tears I (1984) Publisher: Oxford

Berkeley, Michael (b. 1948) Fierce Tears II (1990) Publisher: Oxford

Bermel, Derek SchiZm Publisher: Peermusic; Available from Presser

Berthelot, René Air Pastoral

Berthelot, René Cavatine et Scherzetto

Berthelot, René Complainte et sattarelle

Berthelot, René Un Air Triste, Un Air Gai

Beyer, Frank Michael Nachtstück

Biggam, Mark Little Italy Sketches

Birtwistle, Harrison An Interrupted Endless Melody (1991)

Bitsch, Marcel Romanza

Bitsch, Marcel Suite Française sur des Thémes du XVII Siécle Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Boguslawski, Edward Musica notturna (1974)

Boguslawski, Edward Essays

Bolcom, William Aubade (1982)

Bombardier, Bradley Answers from out of the whirlwind [and EH] [1988]

Bonelli, Ettore Il giovane oboista

Borroff, Edith Variations and Theme (1956)

Bottcher, Eberhard Canzona og Capriccio (1985)

Bottcher, Eberhard Fantasie

Bowen, York Sonata

Bozza, Eugène Conte pastorale Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Bozza, Eugène Divertissement (1939)

Bozza, Eugène Fantasie italienne Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Bozza, Eugène Lied Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Bozza, Eugène Fantasie pastorale Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Bozza, Eugène Sonata (1971)

Bozza, Eugène Suite Monodique

Britten, Benjamin Temporal Variations (1936) Publisher: Faber

Britten, Benjamin Two Insect Pieces (1935) Publisher: Faber

Brumby, Colin Nocturne

Bruns, Viktor Sonata (1969)

Bush, Geoffrey Dialogue (1960)

Büsser, Henri-Paul Asturias

Büsser, Henri-Paul Piece in B-flat (1901)

Büsser, Henri-Paul Églogue (1916)

Byrne, Andrew Four Pieces

Caine, Evelyn N. Andante (1944)

Caldini, Fulvi (b. 1959) Anubis (1984) Publisher: Berben

Capius, Matilde Due movimenti (1997)

Carse, Adam A Dance Measure

Carse, Adam Regrets

Carter, Elliot (b. 1908) Pastorale (1940) Publisher: Merion

Casadesus, Robert Sonata

Casinière, Yves Berceuse Publisher: (1957)

Castérède, Jacques Intermezzo Publisher: (1954)

Castérède, Jacques Sonata (1957)

Challan, René Divertissement

Chandler, Mary (1911-1996) Holiday Tunes

Chandler, Mary (1911-1996) Suite from Purcell’s Orpheus Brittanicus

Chandler, Mary (1911-1996) Sonatina (1967) Publisher: Phylloscopus

Chandler, Mary (1911-1996) Three Dance Studies

Childs, Thomas Things Remembered (2008) [Listen here]
Publisher: Contact the composer

Chaudoir, James Sonata quasi una fantasia (1998)

Clearfield, Andrea unremembered wings (2001)

Clearfield, Andrea Reminiscence (1997)

Clérisse, Robert Fantaisie

Clérisse, Robert L’Adieu Du Berger

Clérisse, Robert Pour un Soir de Noel

Clérisse, Robert Eglogue

Come, Tilde Capriccio

Constant, Franz Maree (1973)

Cooke, Arnold Sonata

Cools, Eugène Prélude et Danse (1913)

Coolidge, Elizabeth Sprague Sonata (1947)

Cooman, Carson Antics (2001)

Cooman, Carson Dentistry Music (1998)

Cooman, Carson Sonata (2003)

Cowell, Henry Three Ostinati with Chorales (1937) Publisher: Mercury Music; Available from Presser

Dallier, Henri Fantaisie caprice (1903)

Damase, Jean-Michel Rhapsodie Publisher: Lemoine; Available from Presser

Damase, Jean-Michel Suite Concertante

Darke, Harold (1888-1976) Six Miniatures Publisher: Schott

Delgiudice, Michel (b. 1924) Le jeune pâtre

Depelsenaire, Jean Marie Danse du châle [1963] Publisher: Lemoine

Deslandres, Adolphe (1840-1911) Introduction et Polonaise (1905)

Desportes, Yvonne (1907-1993) Matin d’Éte [1950]

Diercks, John (b. 1927) Sonata

Diémer, Louis (1843-1919) Légende (1904)

Doran, Matt (b. 1921) Sonatina (1982) [dbl. EH] Publisher: Southern Music

Doráti, Antal (1906-1988) Duo Concertante (1984)

Döring, Georg Boleros: Rondos Espagnol Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Downey, John (b. 1927) Duo (1981) [harpsichord]

Draeseke, Felix (1835-1913) Kleine Suite, op. 87 (1911)

Dring, Madeleine (1923-1977) Italian Dance (1960)

Dring, Madeleine (1923-1977) Polka (1962)

Dring, Madeleine (1923-1977) Danza gaya (1965)

Dring, Madeleine (1923-1977) Three Piece Suite (1984)

Dubois, Pierre Max Ballade medievale Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Dubois, Pierre Max Neuf Esquisses Publisher: Available from Presser

Dubois, Pierre Max Sonatine Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Dubois, Pierre Max Berceuse a Gigi

Dubois, Pierre Max Deux Villageoises

Dubois, Pierre Max Hautbois Dormant

Dubois, Pierre Max Hautbois Joli

Dubois, Pierre Max Le Lecon de danse

Dubois, Pierre Max Passepied

Dubois, Pierre Max Petit Beurre

Dubois, Pierre Max Promenons-nous dans l’hautbois

Dubois, Pierre Max Sonatina (1964)

Dubois, Pierre Max Tamburino

Dubois, Pierre Max Variations

Duck, Leonard Impressions [1964]

Duck, Leonard Sonatina

Dunhill, Thomas (1877-1946) Three Short Pieces

Dunhill, Thomas (1877-1946) Friendship Garland [1944]

Dutilleux, Henri Sonate (1947) Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Eben, Petr (1929-2007) Apello (1995)

Eben, Petr (1929-2007) Amoroso

Eben, Petr (1929-2007) Minaturen (1972, 97)

Eben, Petr (1929-2007) Sonata (1950)

Edelson, Edward The Final Chapter

Ekström, Lars (b. 1956) Fragile Fragments (1996)

Emert, Harold The Answered

Etler, Alvin Introduction and Allegro (1952)

Evans, Peter Sonata

Feld, Jindřich (1887-1954) Burlesque [copyright 1965] Publisher: Leduc Timing: 2 minutes

Spicy and quick. Nonintimidating for a student or professional who needs a spirited piece for a recital or program. Music based on two fourths a tritone apart used for melodic half steps everywhere. Quartal harmony.

Feld, Jindřich (1887-1954) Sonata (1982)

Ferneyhough, Brian Coloratura (1966)

Ferrari, Giorgio Monodie

Ficarelli, Mario Sonata (1985)

Fine, Vivian Sonatina (1939)

Fine, Vivian Suite (1943)

Fongaard, Bjørn (1919-1980) Sonatina (1974) [this list also included one for EH with the same title and same year of composition; mistaken duplicate?]

Foret, Félicien Grave et Allegro Giocoso

Foster, Ivor R. Sonatina

Françaix, Jean Prélude, Danse, Final Publisher: Transatlantiques; Available from Presser

Fraser, Shena Prelude and Scherzino

Fricker, Peter Racine Four Dialogues (1965)

Frid, Géza Caprices roumains [1975]

Gabelles, Gustav Aubade Publisher: Billaudot: Available from Presser

Gabus, Monique Automne (1972)

Gardner, John Sonata (1960)

Gardner, John Sonata No. 2 (1986)

Gartenlaub, Odette Silhouette (1974)

Gaubert, Philippe (1879-1941) Deux pieces Publisher: Masters

Gaubert, Philippe (1879-1941) Intermède Champêtre (1934) Publisher: Masters

Geiser, Walther Tema con Variazioni

Ghandar, Ann Suite [1998]

Ghidoni, Armando Romance and Fantasie Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Gibilaro, Alfonso Four Sicilian Miniatures

Gilbertson, Kim Small Town Summer (1982) Publisher: Ludwig

Girdard, Anthony Magnificat Publisher: Billaudot; Availabe from Presser

Girard, Anthony 11 Pieces Breves

Gjerström, Björn G. Two Intermezzi (1987)

Glick, Srul Irving Sonata (1987)

Goossens, Eugene Islamite Dance (1962)

Gower, Albert Elegy and Presto Publisher: Tritone/Tenuto; Available from Presser

Gregson, Edward Sonata (1965)

Griebling-Haigh, Margaret (b. 1960) Bocadillos Floridianos (2000) Publisher: Jeanne

Gross, Eric Happy oboe (1997)

Grov, Magne Juinatt (1973)

Grovlez, Gabriel Sarabande and Allegro (1929)

Guiot, Raymond Charlevoix-Atmosphère Publisher: Lemoine; Available from Presser

Guiot, Raymond Le Virtuose hockeyeur

Hass, Pavel (1899-1944) Suite (1939) Publisher: Masters

Halffter, Rodolfo Egloga (1982)

Hamerton, Ann Three Pieces (1958)

Hanmer, Ronald Two Contrasts

Harris, Floyd Olin (1913-2007) Gay Minuet (1955) Publisher: Ludwig

Harty, Hamilton (1879-1941) Chansonette Publisher: Masters

Harty, Hamilton (1879-1941) Three Miniatures (1911) Publisher: Masters

Hass, Jeffrey Refractions Publisher: Ludwig

Harrison, Pamela Chase a Shadow (1963)

Hartley, Walter Elegy 2001 (2001)

Hartzell, Eugene Sonata (1992)

Hayrapetian, Eduard Grigori Sonata (1978)

Head, Michael Siciliana Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Head, Michael Three Hill Songs Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Head, Michael Elegiac Dance

Head, Michael Gavotte

Head, Michael Presto

Head, Michael Rondo

Helmschrott Sonata da chiesa No. 2

Henderson, Richard Sonata

Hewson, Richards Three Andalusian Songs [1964]

Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963) Sonate für Oboe und Klavier (1938) Publisher: Schott Recordings: Thomas Indermühle (Camerata 449), Ingo Goritzki (Dabringhaus & Grimm 3040695), Pietro Borgonovo (Arts Music 47122), Harry Sargous (Equilibrium 9), Rebecca Henderson (Centaur 2566), John Mack (Crystal 324), Jared Hauser (Blue Griffin 141)

In two movements (Munter, Sehr langsam), one of the important sonatas for the oboe along with the Saint-Saëns and the Poulenc. Every oboist should be familiar with this work.

Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963) Sonata for English Horn and Piano (1941)

Hoemsnes, Björn Korsan Scandinavisches Reutland

Holland, Dulcie The Fallen Leaf

Holland, Dulcie Last light (1993)

Holliday, Kent Three Grecian Landscapes (1984)

Hollingsworth, Stanley Sonata

Holmboe, Vagn Sonatina (1966, 90)

Hoover, Katherine Sonata (1991) Publisher: Papagena; Available from Presser

Horovitz, Joseph Sonatina Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Houdy, Pierick Prelude

Hovland, Egil Variasjoner (1968-69)

Howells, Herbert Sonata (1943)

Hurier, Jack Barabary’s Organ

Hyde, Mariam Nightfall and Merrymaking (1955)

Jacob, Gordon An 80th Birthday Card for Leon Goossens (1977) Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Jacob, Gordon Interludes (1976) Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Jacob, Gordon Sonata (1966)

Jacob, Gordon Ten Little Studies (1970)

Johanson, Bertil Palmar Divertimento (1982)

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Chant pour les prioguiers de l’Orénoque [check spelling] Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Sérénade (1945)

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Cantilène

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Caprice

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Intermède

Jolivet, André (1905-1974) Marche burlesque Publishers: Billaudot; Masters

Originally for wind quintet with the oboist as soloist, this version was made Jolivet himself. Written for Pierre Bajeux. Midcentury French tonal style.

Jolley, Florence Recollections

Josephs, Wilfred Prelude for Leon Goossens’ 90th Birthday Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Josephs, Wilfred Sonata (1988) Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser<

Kai, Naohiko Pastorale

Karlsen, Kjell Mork Sonatina (1977)

Kats-Chernin, Elena Charmer’s Apprentice

Kauder, Hugo Sonata (1970)

Kay, Don Coolness (1993)

Kay, Ulysses Pieta Publisher: Carl Fischer; Available from Theodore Presser

Kennan, Kent Scherzo, Aria, and Fugato (1948)

Kessler, Minuetta Fantasy

Khachaturian, Aram Pantomime (1927)

Kleiberg, St. le Sonata (1982)

Knight, Tim Devil’s Dance Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Knopf, Michael Autumn song (1989)

Koechlin, Charles 14 Pieces [dbl. d’amore and EH] (1942)

Koechlin, Charles Sonata (1911-16)

Koetsier, Jan Drei Stücke

Koetsier, Jan Ballade [or EH] Publisher: Donemus; Available from Presser

Kohn, Karl Encounters IV (1972)

Korn, Peter Jona Sonata (1949) Rhapsody (1951)

Krasteva, Neva Sonata (1991)

Krätzschmar Moments Musicaux (1970)

Krenek, Ernst Four Pieces (1966)

Kupferman, Meyer Infinities 19

Labate, Bruno Carnation

Labate, Bruno Sequidilla

Labate, Bruno Tarantella

Labate, Bruno Zephyrs

Lacerda, Osvaldo Variações sobre “Carneirinho, carneirão”

Lacour, Guy Abel, Le Hautbois Dormant Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Lacour, Guy Chanson modale Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Langlais, Jean Pièce Publisher: Consortium Musical/Combre; Available from Presser

Lawson, Gordon Four Short Pieces

Leahy, Mary Short Suite

Levine, Bruce Colours [1975]

Lipkin, Malcolm Five Bagatelles (1993)

Lloyd, Jonathan Sonata (1985)

Ludwig, Carl (1983-1982) [pseudonym: Ferenz Nagy] Zigany [The Gypsy] Publisher: Ludwig

Luening, Otto Three Nocturnes (1951)

Luening, Otto Divertimento (1995)

Lukáš Zdeněk Impulsioni

Lunde, Invar, Jr. Five Simplicities (1984)

Lunde, Invar, Jr. Sonatina (1980)

Lutosławski, Witold Epitaph (1979)

Mack, Dieter Preret 1983

Mackenzie, Ronald Serenade 1989

Maconchy, Elizabeth Three Bagatelles 1974

Madden, John Songs of Sadness and Pitie 1973

Maddox, Richard Peter Rondo 2001

Maddox, Richard Peter Sonata No. 2 1997

Maddox, Richard Peter Sweet barocky 2000

Madsen, Trygve Sonata 1977

Malipiero, Gian Francesco Impromptu Pastoral 1957

Malipiero, Riccardo Rinercàrlido 1986

Malipiero, Riccardo Sonata 1960

Mamlock, Ursula Five Capriccios 1968

Mannino, Franco Gouache 1972

Manziarly, Marcelle de Périple 1972

Mari, Pierrette Au Bois de Provence [1972]

Martin, Frank Petite Complainte 1941

Maslanka, David Sonata 1992/99

Masset-Lecocq, Roselyne L’Oiseau des Galaxies *

McCabe, John Dance-Prelude [d’Am] 1971

Mersson, Boris Caprice 1956

Mersson, Boris Three Monkey Dances 1960

Mieg, Peter Variations 1963

Mihalovici, Marcel Sonatina 1924

Milhaud, Darius Sonatina 1954

Milwid, Antoni Siinfonia concertante Publisher: PWM; Available from Presser

Morawetz, Oskar Sonata 1980

Mortensen, Finn Sonatina 1959

Mortensen, Otto Sonata 1947

Mouquet, Jules Bucolique 1910

Muldowney, Dominic 3 Hymns to Agape [dbl. d’Am and EH] *

Murgier, Jacques Capriccio *

Nemiroff, Isaac Atomryiades 1972

Norton, Christopher Stepping Out *

Nyhus, Rolf Romanse 1986

Ohana, Maurice Neumes 1965

Olsen, Carl Gustave Sparre Air 1981

Olsen, Carl Gustave Sparre Poem 1963

Pärt, Arvo Spiegel im Spiegel [or EH] Publisher: Universal; Available from Presser

Pascal, Claude Pièce *

Pascal, Claude Suite bréve *

Patterson, Paul Duologue (1984) Publisher: Universal; Available from Presser

Patterson, Paul Duologue 1984

Paviour, Paul Three sketches [1996]

Pécou, Thierry Sonate (1985) Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Pecou Sonata 1985

Penicka, Miloslav Four pieces 1995

Perttu, Daniel Triptych 2004

Philiba, Nicole Concert [1976]

Pierce, Alexandra Calliope Dances 1991

Pierné, Gabriel Serenade Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Pisk, Paul A. Suite 1947

Piston, Walter Suite 1931

Planel, Robert Chanson Romantique *

Planel, Robert Comme une sérénade *

Planel, Robert Prélude et Danse *

Planel, Robert Serenade *

Polifrone, Jon Sonata 1988

Poole, Geoffrey Firefinch *

Poulenc, Francis Sonata 1962

Presser, William Passarumbia Available from Presser

Presser, William Sonata *

Proust, Pascal Cantabile et giocoso Publisher: Consortium Musical/Combre; Available from Presser

Proust, Pascal Les Récits de Sancho Pança Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Puw, Guto Sonata 1996/98

Rakov, Nikolay Petrovich Sonata 1951

Raphael, Günter Sonata 1933

Rathbun, Jeffrey Threnody *

Raynal, Gilles Sonata *

Reizenstein, Franz Sonatina 1937

Reizenstein, Franz Three Concert Pieces 1937

Reuchsel, Amédée Ballade 1917

Reynolds, Verne Three elegies [1970]

Richardson, Alan Aria & Allegro *

Richardson, Alan Three Pieces Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Richardson, Alan French Suite 1946

Richardson, Alan Roundelay Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Richardson, Alan Sonata 1950

Richardson, Alan Sonatina 1965

Rivier, Jean Improvisation et final 1943

Robbins, Geoffrey Regatas 1954

Robertson, Donna Pastorale, aria and scherzo on a row 1974

Rochberg, George La bocca della verità 1958-59

Rönnes, Robert Trois Nocturnes au Hommage a Frederick Delius [Bar Ob or Heck] 1982-86

Röntgen, Julius Sontata No. 1 1918

Röntgen, Julius Sontata No. 2 1928

Rorem, Ned Mountain Song (1949) Publisher: Peermusic; Available from Presser

Rorem, Ned An Oboe Book 1999

Ross, Walter Autumn Pastorale [d’Am] 1997

Rowley, Alec Pavan & Dance *

Roxburgh, Edwin Antares 1988

Roxburgh, Edwin Cantilena 1991

Roxburgh, Edwin Images [1973]

Rubbra, Edmund Sonata in C (1958) Publisher: Masters

Saint-Saëns, Camille (1835-1921) Sonata (1921) Publisher: Masters; Elkan-Vogel; Available from Presser

Salonen, Esa-Pekka Second Meeting 1992

Sancan, Pierre Sonatina *

Sauget, Henri Cantilène pastorale Publisher: Billaudot (1978); Available from Presser

Sauget, Henri Sonatina aux Bois *

Schickele, Peter (b. 1935) Gardens (1968) Publisher: Tetra/Continuo; Available from Presser

Schlee, Thomas Daniel Viennoise Publisher: Consortium Musical/Combre; Available from Presser

Schnyder, Daniel Sonata *

Schollum, Robert Sonatina No. 2 *

Schollum, Robert Sonatina No. 3 *

Schroeder, Phillip No longer a stranger *

Schuller, Gunther Sonata 1948-51

Seiber, Mátyás Improvisation 1957

Shapey, Ralph Sonata 1952

Shinohara, Makoto Obsession (1960) Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Siennicki, Edmund John (b. 1920) The Rooster Publisher: Ludwig

Silvestrini, Gilles Aloë Publisher: Billaudot; Available from Presser

Silvestrini, Gilles Trois apophtègmes brefs [Transcribed by Pierlot] Publisher: Billaudot (1988); Available from Presser

Simon, Louise Marie Impromptu *

Simons, Netty Facets 3 *

Skalkottas, Nikos Concertino 1939

Skolnik, Walter Sonatina Publisher: Tritone/Tenuto; Available from Presser

Smith, David Stanley Sonata pastorale 1918

Somers, Harry Eleven Miniatures 1992

Spencer, Williametta Adagio & Rondo *

Still, William Grant Incantation and Dance (1942) Publisher: Carl Fischer; Available from Presser

Stout, Alan B. Music 1966

Strömholm, Folke Introduzione, Canzone, og Finale 1975

Sturms, Arnolds Duo *

Sutherland, Margaret Sonatina 1954?

Swain, Freda Fantasy Suite *

Swain, Freda Tambourin gai *

Sydeman, William For Oboe and Piano 1996

Szałowski, Antoni Sonatina 1946

Tailleferre, Germaine Rondo 1972

Theophane, Sr. M. Hytrek Prelude & Allegro *

Tisné, Antoine Sonata *

Ton-That, Tiet Cinq pièces *

Trafford, Edmund Genesis 1983

Tull, Fisher Fantasy on L’homme armé 1974

Tuthill, Burnet C. A Little English 1971

Unkel, Marc Fantasiestücke *

Ussachevsky, Vladimir Triskelion 1982

Vellere, Lucie Dialogue 1960

Verney, Myra The Goat Paths 1982

Verrall, Pamela Airobics *

Villette, Pierre Eglogue 1988

Villette, Pierre Sérénade 1960

Villette, Pierre Pastorale 1988

Vitachek, Favii Evgen’evich Liricheskaia p’esa 1963

Voiculescu, Dan Sonata 1963

Voormolen, Alexander (1895-1946) Pastorale (1940) Publisher: Doneumus

Voormolen was Dutch composer who studied in Paris. Returned to the Netherlands in 1923 and was librarian to the Royal Conservatory in Rotterdam. Pastorale in ternary form. Outer sections in a heavily chromatic G major with impressionist influences. Middle section is more atmospheric. Generally pleasant and enjoyable.

Vuataz, Roger Plaintes et ramages 1971

Ward-Steinman, David Summer Suite Publisher: Tritone/Tenuto; Available from Presser

Whear, Paul W. (b. 1925) [pseudonym: David Warren] Meditation Publisher: Ludwig

Weinzweig, John Arctic Shadows 1993

Weis, Flemming Sonata 1945

White, David A. L’isola de S. Michele 1990

White, David A. Elegy 1965

White, David A. Episodes [1975]

Wilcher, Phillip Absent 1995

Wilcher, Phillip Solo for two voices 2003

Wilder, Alec Sonata 1977

Williams, John The Days Between from “Stepmom” *

Wolpe, Stefan Sonata 1938-41

Wormser, André Ballade en ré 1909

Wuorinen, Charles Composition 1965

Zaimont, Judith Lang Doubles 1993

Zielinski, Maciej Lutoslawski in memoriam 1999

Zonn, Paul Chroma 1967/72

Zonn, Paul Sonata 1961-62

Unable to verify composer, piece, or date of composition

Baird Autumn Fantasie

Büttcher, Eberhard Fantasia da camera

Castro, Dino Reverie et Jeu

Chretien-Genaro, Hedwige Confidences

Chretien-Genaro, Hedwige Grand Solo

Chretien-Genaro, Hedwige Scène Rustique

Chretien-Genaro, Hedwige Scherzettino

Colomer, Blas Marie Chants Assyriens

DeRoeck Aria

Dournel, Roger Première Chanson

Elliot, Wallard Five Short Pieces

Emonet, Pierre Aria et Valse

Emonet, Pierre Petite confidence

Emonet, Pierre Sonatina

Ernest, David Sonatina

Flothius Kleine Suite

Huber, Hans <strongRomanza

Mille, Karl Elegie

Mille, Karl Two Short Pieces

Tonoli Sonatina

Vachey, Henri Aria a Variations

Weinberger Sonatina

Winters, Geoffrey Sonatina

Wood, William Vortrag

Zaninelli, Luigi Doloroso [1986]