Oboe Repertoire

Twentieth-Century Oboe Repertoire and Beyond

Since 2010, I have been slowly creating an online annotated list of oboe music since 1900. It focuses on the unaccompanied and keyboard accompanied repertoire. I list each piece with links to composer information, publisher information, recording information, and anything else useful. I include some information on range, difficulty, style, etc.

The purpose of this project is to give oboists a resource to easily find music that they normally would not have the time or interest to find on their own, and hopefully enliven their recitals and other solo performances. Thank you to Danna Sundet for her interest in this huge project, her opinions on music we looked at together, and her future help in collecting information.

If you know or wrote a piece not on the this list, find any mistakes, or have information for a work, please email me at dkulma AT gmail DOT com. I appreciate your help.


with Piano

with Orchestra

Bold = EH [or other secondary inst.]