Unaccompanied Oboe Repertoire

Unaccompanied Oboe Repertoire
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Aboulker, Isabelle (b. 1938) jeux de notes (1973) Publisher: Chappell

Adler, Samuel (b. 1928) Canto XV (1977) Publisher: Ludwig

Dedicated to Tom Stacy. High E flats and Fs. No rests, tempo of quarter equals 54, and therefore requires a lot of endurance. Continually explores the instrument’s entire register. Ends on low B pianissimo and diminuendos to nothing.

Adler, Samuel (b. 1928) Oboration (1965) Publisher: Theodore Presser Timing: 3′ 30″

Oboration was originally written as one of four studies for a multi-woodwind player. It can be performed as written individually or with its companion studies. Adler also mentions that it can be played by both oboe and english horn simultaneously creating parallel fifths. When and how much the english horn plays is up to the performer. Both parts can be played by as many instruments as desired. Good for advanced high school or young college student.

Amann, Michael (b. 1964) Pan (1999) Publisher: Doblinger

Andriessen, Jurriaan (1925-1996) Balocco (1960) Publisher: Donemus

Dedicated to Gé van Koten. Seven movements all attacca (Lento, Allegretto, Lento, Vivo, Andante con moto, Molto lento, Allegro moderato deciso), but they seem good for independent performance. Good for performance-major college student.

Andriessen, Louis (b. 1939) A flower song II (1964) Publisher: Boosey

Andriessen, Louis (b. 1939) To Pauline O (1995) Publisher: Boosey Timing: 8 minutes

Written for Pauline Oostenrijk, a dutch oboist won 1991 Netherlands Music Prize, 1991 Gillet Competition. Eight minutes and no rests. Technically demanding. Every 12 measures is a fermata that entones Lauda Sion, a medieval sequence used in the Catholic liturgy. An impressive technical feat for the brave performer. Circular breathing while tonguing seems implied.

Antoniou, Theodore (b. 1935) Five Likes (1969) Publisher: Barenreiter

Apostel, Hans Eric (1901-1972) Sonatine (1964) Publisher: Universal

Archer, Violet (1913-2000) Four Moods (1995) Publisher: Canadian Music Centre

Arma, Paul (1905-1987) Divertimento No. 7 [transcription of Six Pieces for Solo Voice] Publisher: Presser Listed in New Music and the Oboist II

Arma, Paul (1905-1987) Soliloque Publisher: Billaudot

Arma, Paul (1905-1987) Trois Regards Publisher: Choudens

Arnold, Malcolm (1921-2006) Fantasy (1966) Publisher: Faber

Asia, Daniel (b. 1953) The Alex Set (1995) Publisher: Merion Timing: 13 minutes

In five movements (Alex I, Interlude I, Alex II, Interlude II, Alex III), the first movement, Alex I, was written while Asia was an undergraduate in the 1971. Alex Klein asked for an oboe work in the early 90s, mentioning the possibility of adding to Alex. Haunting and lovely very playable. Advanced college student. Alex I is four minutes in duration and includes three downward quartet-tone pitch bends: two on A 4 and one on B flat 4. Feathered beam notation is used to show gradual note-length changes in a particular amount of beats. There is a recording of Alex Klein playing Alex I on Asia’s website.
All movements require great stamina and technical finesse. Fun to practice.

Aston, Peter (b. 1938) Three Pieces (1968) Publisher: Novello

Ballif, Claude (1924-2004) Solfeggietto No. 4 (1968) Publisher: Transatlantiques

Barkauskas, Vytautas (b. 1931) Monolog (1970) Publisher: Peters

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b. 1936) Arabesque (1992) Publisher: Novello

Bennett, Richard Rodney (b. 1936) Variations (1953)

Bentzon, Jørgen (1897-1951) Étude Rhapsodique (1925) Publisher: Chester

Berge, Sigurd (1929-2002) Obo Solo (1966) Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag A/S

Berio, Luciano (1925-2003) Sequenza VII (1969) Publisher: Universal; Available from Presser

The standard extended technique work for the oboe. More later.

Berkeley, Michael (b. 1948) Snake [also for Ob] (1990) Publisher: Oxford

Berkeley, Michael (b. 1948) Three Moods (1979) Publisher: Oxford

Blackford, Richard (b. 1954) Posthumus Leonatus Publisher: Oxford Timing: 7 minutes

Requires composer permission for performance.

Bialosky, Marshall Thirteen Aphorisms and a Summary Publisher: Sanjo Music (1982)

As the title implies, there are thirteen short musical ideas of varying characters. The pauses between the movements are timed (2 seconds or 3 seconds usually). No. 3 has a multiphonic (fingering given), No. 4 contains quasi fluttertonguing, No. 11 has pitch bends down and back. The summary (called Collage Finale) has humming while playing (if possible, if not add a singer singing the pitch). The finale juxtaposes returns to the previous aphorisms.

Börtz, Daniel (b. 1943) Kithairon (1989-91) Publisher: Gehrmans

Brandon, Jenni (b. 1977) In the City at Night (2008) Publisher: Self-published Timing: 6 minutes

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) Six Metamorphoses after Ovid (1951) Publisher: Boosey

Buel, Charles (1943-1994) Three Melancholy Airs (1978) Unpublished (may be available from his musical executor)

In three movements (Lento, Con ira e furia, Allegro risoluto)

Butler, Martin (b. 1960) Chaconne (1990) Publisher: Oxford

Caldini, Fulvio (b. 1959) Abenstück [d’amore] (1984-87) Publisher: Berben

Carlson, Rosalind (b. 1937) Circle of Memories (2002) [or EH] Publisher: Phylloscopus

Carter, Elliot (b. 1908) A 6 Letter Letter (1996) Publisher: Boosey

Carter, Elliot Inner Song (1992) Publisher: Boosey

Castanié, Gerard Et in Arcadia Ego, Vol 1 Publisher: United Music Publishers

Castiglioni, Niccolò (1932-1996) Alef (1965) Publisher: Schott Recordings: Heinz Holliger (Philips 6500-202) paired with Berio, Omar Zoboli (Divox)

Alef was written for Heinz Holliger and includes chance elements. There are six pages each labeled with various letters and numbers. Castiglioni gives six order possibilites based on these labels. Similar to the Berio Sequenza in style and use of extended techniques, such as harmonics and trills with harmonics. Cut-out score. Includes fast tonguing and trilling.

Chandler, Mary (1911-1996) Summer’s Lease (1981) Publisher: Phylloscopus

Chávez, Carlos (1899-1978) Upingos (1957) Publisher: Carlanita Timing: 4 minutes

Short ternary form (ABA) work. The melodies have the feeling of Mexican folk melodies (if not actually folk melodies). The A section is in 3/8, while the B is in 2/4 and in A Phrygian. The piece could be used as a simple work for teaching purposes.

Childs, Barney (1926-2000) Five Little Soundpieces (1959) Publisher: Tritone

Childs, Barney (1926-2000) Four Involutions (1955) Publisher: Tritone; Available from Presser

Childs, Barney (1926-2000) Sonata (1958) Listed in University of Redlands Childs Collection

Colbert, Brendan (b. 1956) Clamour (2003) Publisher: Australian Music Centre Timing: 7 minutes

Collaros, Pandel (b. 1954) Three Oboe Pieces (1992) Publisher: Bocal

Cooman, Carson (b. 1982) Dream Etudes, Book IV (2002) Publisher: Lauren Keiser

In three movements (Remembering, Bounding, Silencing)

Cooman, Carson (b. 1982) Ideas, Book II (1999) Publisher: Lauren Keiser

In five movements (Skewered Justice, Spacings and Echoes, Scotch-Poppers, Barcarolle, Homage to Robert Ward (moto perpetuo))

Cooman, Carson (b. 1982) Proclamation (2004) Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Crawford (Seeger), Ruth (1901-1953)
Diaphonic Suite [No. 1] (1930) Publisher: Merion; Available from Presser

Cronin, Stephen (b. 1960) Five Pieces (1988) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Cronin, Stephen (b. 1960) Idyll (2003) Publisher: Self-published

Czaplowski, Philip (b. 1958) Interpolation (2002) Publisher: Self-published Free PDF!

Czaplowski, Philip (b. 1958) Monologue (1997) Publisher: Self-published Free PDF!

Davies, Peter Maxwell (b. 1934) First Grace of Light (1991) Publisher: Boosey

Denisov, Edison (1929-1996) Solo (1971) Publisher: Unknown (Available from Boosey)

Dinescu, Violeta (b. 1953) Cime Lointaine (1990) Publisher: Bote & Bock

Dittrich, Paul-Heinz (b. 1930) Singbarer Rest III (1989) Publisher: Deutscher Verlag

Doráti, Antal (1906-1988) Cinq Pièces (1980) Publisher: Boosey Timing: 12 minutes 20 seconds

Premiered by Heinz Holliger, and has been used in the Gillet competition. Very technical, and requires an accomplished conservatory oboist or professional. Piece titles: La cigale et la fourmie, Lettre d’amour, Fugue à trois voix, Berceuse, Légerdemain.

Douglas, Paul M. (b. 1936) Senia (1977) Publisher: Nova

Downey, John Soliloquy Publisher: Theodore Presser

Durey, Louis (1888-1979) 3 Pieces breves (1974) Publisher: Billaudot

Ebenhöh, Horst (b. 1930) Sonatine (1981) Publisher: Doblinger

In four movements (Vivo, Adagio, Allegro molto, Molto vivace)

Edwards, Ross (b. 1943) Two Pieces (1998) Publisher: Ricordi London

Piece titles: Yanada, Ulpirra.

Ekström, Lars (b. 1956) Den accelererande isbiten (1988) Publisher: Swedish Music Information Centre

Exton, John Three Pieces (1972) Publisher: Chester

Ficarelli, Mario (b. 1935) Quatro Esboços (1993) Publisher: Brazilian Music Enterprises

Ficarelli is a native of Sao Paulo.

Fine, Vivian (1913-2000) Second Solo for Oboe (1947) Publisher: Self-published

Fine, Vivian (1913-2000) Solo for Oboe (1929) Publisher: Self-published

Fongaard, Bjørn (1919-1980) Sonata (1968) Publisher: MIC Norway

Ford, Andrew (b. 1957) Asides on the Oboe (2002) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Fricker, Peter Racine (1920-1990) Refrains (1968) Publisher: Oxford

Genzmer, Harald (1907-2007) 7 Studies (Capriccios) Publisher: Schott

Globokar, Vinko (b. 1934) Atemstudie (1972) Publisher: Peters

Grant, Robin (b. 1955) When Sirens Sing Publisher: Emerson Edition; Available from Presser

Harbison, John (b. 1938) Amazing Grace (1972) Publisher: Associated Music Publishers

Harlap, Aharon (b. 1941) The Oboe’s Lament Publisher: Israeli Music Publications

Hartley, Walter (b. 1927) Three Pieces (1966) Publisher: Accura Music

Hartzell, Eugene (1932-2000) Elegy (Monologue 12) (1979) Publisher: Doblinger

Hartzell, Eugene (1932-2000) Monologue 2: Five Sketches for Oboe Solo (1964) Publisher: Doblinger Timing: approx. 12 minutes

Five interesting contrasting atonal movements. Medium difficulty with a good amount of octave displacement, minor seconds, and tritones.

Haselbach, Josef (1936-2002) Abendlied (1983) Publisher: Hug Musikverlage

Haug, Halvor (b. 1952) Fantasia (1977) Publisher: MIC Norway

Holland, Dulcie (1913-2000) Three Signatures (1992) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Holliger, Heinz (b. 1939) Sonata (1956-57/99)
Publisher: Schott

Holliger, Heinz (b. 1939) Studie über Mehrklänge (1971) Publisher: Breitkopf

Holliger, Heinz (b. 1939) Studie II (1981) Publisher: Schott

Huber, Nicholaus A. (b. 1939) Vor und zurück (1981) Publisher: Breitkopf

Hübler, Klaus K. (b. 1956) Grave e sfrenato (1985) Publisher: Breitkopf

Hummel, Bertold (1925-2002) Eight Bagatelles (1999) [or EH] Publisher: Vogt & Fritz

Hummel, Bertold (1925-2002) Suite (1964) Publisher: Simrock

In five movements (Fanfare, Echo, Mobile, Monologue, Fountain)

Ichiyanagi, Toshi (b. 1933) Cloud Figures (1984) Publisher: Schott Timing: 8 1/2 minutes

Explores extreme range of the instrument regularly, i. e. Bb3 to A6. Slow tempo (eighth 69-72). Requires extreme endurance and mental stamina. A few slides between half-step pitches. No bar lines.

Jackman, Andrew Circus Publisher: Emerson Edition

Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984) Seven Bagatelles (1969) Publisher: Oxford Timing: 7 1/2 minutes

Interesting, but challenging to make sound cohesive. Good for high school player. Movement titles: March, Elegy, Waltz, Slow Air, Limerick, Chinese Tune, Galop.

Johansen, Bertil Palmar (b. 1954) Out of the Wood [d’amore] (1984-85) Publisher: MIC Norway

Johnsen, Hallvard (1916-2003) Pastorale (1986/89) Publisher: MIC Norway

Josephs, Wilfred (1927-1997) Solo Oboe Piece (1973) Publisher: Novello

Josephs, Wilfred (1927-1997) Three Waltzes and a Foxtrot Publisher: Emerson Edition

Kleiberg, Ståle (b. 1958) Lamento (1990) Publisher: MIC Norway

Kleiberg, Ståle (b. 1958) Solosonate [or d’amore] (1984) Publisher: MIC Norway

Kilstofte, Mark (b. 1958) Inner Voices Publisher: Newmatic Timing: 8 minutes 30 seconds

Commissioned by Petrea Warneck and eleven other oboists in memory of John Mack. Premiered in 2007 at IDRS Conference in Ithaca, NY.

Koechlin, Charles (1867-1950) Monodie No. 11 (1947-48) Publisher: Max Eschig

Koechlin, Charles (1867-1950) Suite (1942) [d’amore] Publisher: Max Eschig

Kotoński, Włodzimierz (b. 1925) Monochromia (1964) Publisher: PWM

Krol, Bernhard (b. 1920) Rosarium: 3 Preludes Publisher: Bote & Bock

Kryf, Ton de Echoi Publisher: Bote & Bock

Kupferman, Meyer (1926-2003) Sensations (1968) Publisher: Soundspells

Kvam, Oddvar S. (b. 1927) Monofoni (1977) Publisher: MIC Norway

Lacerda, Osvaldo (b. 1927) Improviso (1974/80) Publisher: Ponteio

Laughlin, James Dance… She Waits Publisher: Tetra/Continuo

LeFanu, Nicola (b. 1947) Soliloquy (1965) Publisher: Novello

Leguay, Jean-Pierre (b. 1939) Flamme (1973) Publisher: Universal

Lemeland, Aubert (b. 1932) Scancions (1969) Publisher: Billaudot

Lerstad, Terje Bjørn Suite[double on EH, d’amore, and heckelphone] (1980) Publisher: MIC Norway

Ludewig, Wolfgang (b. 1926) Soni [or EH] (1974) Publisher: Bote & Bock

Lunde, Ivar Jr. Akrostikon Number One, Op. 73 (1980) Publisher: Shawnee Press Timing: 7 minutes

Lunde is a Norwegian oboist and composer. This work was composed during the summer of 1980 while the composer was in Wisconsin. Premiered in the fall of 1982 in Oslo, Norway at the Festival of Nordic Music. Akrostikon is Norwegian for acrostic. Like an acrostic, each new section, marked by dotted bar line, begins with the next pitch in the 12-tone row used as the basis for the piece. Notes values are a guide rather than to be strictly played. A good piece to explore extended techniques: multiphonics, harmonics, pitch bending, tremolos (shakes). A logical and interesting work with cool colors and purposeful sounding modern techniques.

Lunde, Ivar Jr. Three Short Pieces (1970) Publisher: Skyline

Lüttmann, Reinhard Médiation I: Fantasie sur un thème de plain-chant choralbearbeitung (1973) Publisher: United Music Publishers Timing: 6 minutes

Starts with chant. Haunting, with beautiful colors. Uses harmonics, but does not give fingerings. I can give you the fingerings.

Maderna, Bruno (1920-1973) Solo [double on d’amore, EH, and musette] (1971) Publisher: United Music Publishers

Madsen, Trygve (b. 1940) De Fire Riker [The Four Kingdoms] (1982-83) Publisher: Mussik-Husets

Mannino, Franco (1924-2005) Adagio (1990) Publisher: Curci

Mannino, Franco (1924-2005) Tre pezzi (1990) Publisher: Curci

Mannino, Franco (1924-2005) Turbamento (1985) Publisher: Edipan

Martin, Robert Vega (1982) Publisher: Merion; Available from Theodore Presser

Martin, Ruth Lee (b. 1957) Corrnach for the birds (1999) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Mersson, Boris (b. 1921) Conjugo metamorfosis [unspecified wind instrument] (1969) Publisher: Kunzelmann

Mihalovici, Marcel (1898-1985) Mélopée (1973) Publisher: United Music Publishers

Mills, Richard (b. 1949) Pastoral (1993) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Mills, Richard (b. 1949) Six preludes (1991) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Nicholson, Tina (b. 1958) Moments from Women (1999) Publisher: Jeanné

Northcott, Bayan (b. 1940) Sonata (1978) Publisher: Stainer & Bell

Oehring, Helmut (b. 1961) Philipp (1997/01) [transcribed from trombone work by composer in 2003] Publisher: Bote & Bock

Ohana, Maurice (1913-1992) Sarc (1972) Publisher: Billaudot

Olsen, Carl Gustave Sparre (1903-1984) Pastorale (1978) Publisher: Lyche

Patterson, Paul (b. 1947) Monologue (1968) Publisher: Weinberger

Penberthy, James (1917-1999) Three pieces (1983) Publisher: Australian Music Centre

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987) Parable III (1968) Publisher: Elkan-Vogel; Available from Theodore Presser

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987) Publisher: Elkan-Vogel; Available from Theodore Presser

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987) Serenade No. 14 Publisher: Elkan-Vogel; Available from Presser

Peterson, Geoffrey Sonata Publisher: Theodore Presser

Petit, Pierre (1922-2000) Sunny Side (1982)

Pinkham, Daniel (1923-2006) Reeds Publisher: Peters

Powers, Anthony (b. 1953) In two minds (1991) Publisher: Oxford

Presser, William Eight Brevities Publisher: Tritone/Tentuo; Available from Theodore Presser

Racol, Maurice Les Plaintes d’Ariadne Publisher: United Music Publishers

Rainier, Priaulx (1903-1986) Pastoral Triptych (1958-59) Publisher: Schott

Rands, Bernard (b. 1934) Memo 8 (2000) Publisher: Schott

Reade, Paul (1943-1997) Aspects of a landscape (1981) Publisher: Nova Music

Renwick, William Sonata Antiqua (1986) Publisher: Canadian Computer Printing

Richardson Alan (1904-1978) Three Pieces Publisher: Nova Music

Richer, Jeannine (b. 1924) Obsession Publisher: Max Eschig

Richer, Jeannine (b. 1924) Piège V Publisher: Durand

Rivier, Jean (1896-1987) Trois Instantanés (1973) Publisher: Salabert

Rochberg, George Three Cadenzas to Mozart Oboe Concerto K. 314 Publisher: Theodore Presser

Roseman, Ronald (1933-2000) Partita (1997) Publisher: International Opus

Rózsa, Miklós (1907-1995) Sonata (1987) Publisher: Broude Brothers

Rudin, Rolf (b. 1961) Rezitativ un Arie (1988) Publisher: Bote & Bock

Rushby-Smith, John Monologue (1970) [or d’amore] Publisher: Simrock

Saunders, Neil Incantations (1982) Publisher: Nova Music

Schenker, Friedrich (b. 1942) Monolog (1968) Publisher: Breitkopf

Schibler, Armin (1920-1986) Dithyrambus (1971) Publisher: Kunzelmann

Schlee, Thomas Daniel (b. 1957) Aulodie et Jubilation (1993-94) Publisher: Lemoine

Schmidinger, Helmut (b. 1969) Vier gefiederte Worte des Odysseus [Four Winged Words of Ulysses] (1999) Publisher: Doblinger

Schmidt, Christfried (b. 1932) Aulodie (1975) Publisher: Deutscher Verlag

Segerstam, Leif (b. 1944) Episode No. 19 (1985)

Sibbing, Robert Four Pieces Publisher: Tritone/Tenuto; Available from Presser

Silverman, Faye-Ellen (b. 1947) Oboe-sthenics (1980) Publisher: Seesaw Music

Silvestrini, Gilles (b. 1961) Horae Volubiles Publisher: Delatour

Silvestrini, Gilles (b. 1961) Six Études (1986-97) Publishers: Édition du Hautbois; Rigoutat

Dedicated to Pierre Pierlot and Jacques Tys. Popular etudes for concert performances. All the etudes are musical interpretations of famous paintings. Technically difficult and tonally oriented. Show pieces that can be played together, in groups, or singally.

Silvestrini, Gilles (b. 1961) Paysage avec Pyrame et Thisbe Publisher: Rigoutat

Simpson, Andrew Earle (b. 1967) Exhortation II (1996) Publisher: Jeanné

Singer, Lawrence Memories

Sitsky, Larry (b. 1934) Sayat-nova (1984) Publisher: Seesaw Music

Sommerfeldt, Øistein (1919-1994) Divertimento (1974) Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag

Sommerfeldt, Øistein (1919-1994) Liten pastorale-suite (1975) Publisher: MIC Norway

Stockhausen, Karlheinz (1928-2007) In Freundschaft (1977) Publisher: Stockhausen-Verlag

Written for Suzanne Stephens for her birthday, July 28, 1977. Translations of the German words in the score is included in the back. Stockhausen says that this work should be played from memory. Difficult, but playable. Includes many trills (including on high notes, e. g. E) and fluttertongue. Stockhausen also asks that the player move the instrument up and down in relation to the size of intervals played. More approachable than the Berio.

Strilko, Anthony (b. 1931) Music for Oboe Alone (pub. 1967) Publisher: Theodore Presser Timing: 10 minutes

Dedicated to Bert Lucarelli. 7 short contrasting movements. Useful for high-school player exploring twentieth-century music without special effects. The last movement remembers the first.

Swain, Freda (1902-1985) Three Whimsies [are these two pieces the same?] Publisher: Bourne

Swain, Freda (1902-1985) Fantasy Suite Publisher: Bourne

Szalonek, Witold (1927-2001) Quattro Monologhi Publisher: PWM (1985)

Szalonek, Witold (1927-2001) Suita Zakopiańska (1996) Publisher: PWM

Tann, Hilary (b. 1947) Like Lightnings (2004) Publisher: Oxford

Thorsen, Frode Fantasia (1982) Mentioned in A Catalogue of Norwegian Oboe Literature

Timaru, Valentin (b. 1940) Sonata (1967)

Tisné, Antoine (1932-1998) Dinos (1970) Publisher: United Music Publishers

Tomasi, Henri (1901-1971) Évocations (1969) [or EH] Publisher: Leduc; Available from Presser

Tomasi, Henri (1901-1971) Trois Études de concert (1964) Publisher: Eschig

Treibmann, Karl Ottomar (b. 1936) Blickpunkte I (1982)

Treibmann, Karl Ottomar (b. 1936) Sonata (1974) Publisher: Deutscher Verlag

Voorn, Joop (b. 1932) Drie Stukken (1970) Publisher: Donemus

Waldeier, Erik Tema & Variationer (1981)

Wellesz, Egon (1885-1974) Suite (1956)

Woolrich, John (b. 1954) Three Capriccios from the Book of Disquiet (2001) Publisher: Faber Music

Wyttenbach, Jürg (b. 1935) Sonata (1962/72) Publisher: Breitkopf

Yun, Isang (1917-1995) Piri (1971) Publisher: Bote & Bock

Zaffini, Clément 5 Séquences Publisher: Billaudot

Zender, Hans (b. 1936) Tre pezzi (1963) Publisher: Bote & Bock