Video Projects

Music Corner (2015-)
Nerdy videos about music

Surreality (2015-2017) <2′ each [Watch]
A daily video project in strangeness

Broken Links (2015) 5 episodes
A web series of stories

Trystero Projects

The Rest !s Sh!t: Stories from the Microchasm (2015-) in progress
An opera for television and YouTube
[Read an excerpt] [Watch the pilot]
by Trystero (words by David Kulma and music by Dorian Wallace)
Directed by John Sanborn

Nychthemeron (2014) 1458′ [Listen]
A twenty-four hour meditation by Trystero (with Dorian Wallace)

Living Room (2014) 70′ [Listen]
An album by Trystero (with Dorian Wallace)

Chamber and Solo Music

Erosion (2014-2016) 113′ [Listen]
for Piano

Essay (2011-2015) 7′ [Listen]
for String Orchestra

Resweep (2013-14) 9′ [Listen]
for Euphonium and Piano
[revision of Sweep]

Waves (2013-14) 48′ [Listen]
for Violin and Piano

Sweep (2013) 9′ [Listen]
for Euphonium and Piano

Double Clutch (2013) 4′ [Listen]
for 2 Piccolos, 4 Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, and 2 Bass Flutes

Concentrations (2011) 5′ [Listen]
for Piano

Emily (2009-10) 30′ [Listen]
for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Viola, Cello, and Piano

A Series of Allusions and Implications: In memoriam Jason Clark (2009) 7′ [Listen]
for Oboe and Electronics

Five Phrases (2009) 2′ [Listen]
for Oboe and Tuba

i am a little church (no great cathedral) (2009) 5′ [Listen]
for SATB chorus

Strides (2006-09) 5′ [Listen]
for Brass Quintet

Two Waxes (2009) 8′ [Listen]
for Flute and Piano

String Quartet (2008-09) 9′ [Listen]
for String Quartet

E. E.’s Songs (2008-09) 10′ [Listen]
for Baritone and Piano

Streams (2009) 10′ [Listen]
for Bassoon

Impulses (2006-2008) 18′ [Listen]
for Wind Quintet

Paraphrase on Catullus 85 (2008) 2′ [Listen]
for Baritone and Piano

The Road Not Taken (2008) 4′ [Listen]
for Soprano and Piano

A Prayer (2007-08) 3′ [Listen]
for Soprano and Piano

Fast Shoes (2006) 3′ [Listen]
for Oboe, Oboe d’Amore, and English Horn

Alliterative Auditions (2005-06) 10′ [Listen]
for Two Oboes and English Horn